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Why SMS For Legal


Clients do not want to call you. Equip them to communicate in the way they prefer.


Clients are 87% more likely to respond to an inquire via text message than an email. Reach them wherever they are at.


Clients are busy. They are on the go. It can be difficult to receive documents, or information from clients. Reach them anytime, day or night.

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Text with up to five clients, and loop in your entire staff

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1. Can I have a custom phone number?

Yes, by default, all messages come from a verified SMS for Legal number. Get a number in your area code when you pay your first month.

2. Is there a long-term contract?

Our two lowest pricing tiers have no annual contracts. Sign up and start texting.

3. Do you integrate with other tools?

Yes, our api allows you to utilize zapier to integrate with thousands of business tools.

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